Best practice using InstaShop

InstaShop is a flexible app that can adapt to your needs. That being said, there are a few best practice methods we’ve seen our customers use.

Use a call to action title

Whether you choose to add InstaShop to your home page of create a dedicated page, adding a proactive,  call-to-action title can make a big difference. ‘Shop the look‘, ‘Shop Instagram‘ or similar are good examples.

Where to embed?

InstaShop is very flexible. It can be embedded into an existing page, or added to a new page. However, there are two primary approaches customers usually choose…
  • Existing page. In many cases, this means adding InstaShop to your shop’s homepage. You can see a great example of InstaShop embedded into an existing page here
  • New page. This is great is you want a dedicated space to showcase pictures from Instagram. In this instance, it is best to add the page to your main navigation, calling it something like ’Shop the Look’, ‘Shop Instagram’ or similar.  You can see a great example of InstaShop set up as a page here. Note they have added ‘Shop the Look’ to the main navigation.

 Grid, Slider or Collage?

The decision will depend on your shop. If you are creating a new, dedicated page, we would suggest using the grid of collage is the best option.

Link your InstaShop gallery to your Instagram account.

We know, you only get one link in your Instagram account. Linking  directly to your InstaShop gallery can be the best use of that precious link. Especially if your gallery is pulling pictures from your brand’s Instagram account.

Think about it – a potential customer is  browsing your Instagram account and they see one of your amazing products in the top row of your Instagram feed. If they can link to your InstaShop gallery, they’ll know exactly where to click. This approach makes their path to purchase one step closer.