InstaShop Collage

Showcase user generated content

Create beautiful galleries; Grids, Collages* or Sliders to showcase pictures from Instagram.

Show pictures from any @username account.

Purchase Focused

Add pins to the Instagram pictures you display.

Pins show a picture, price* and customisable call to action. Pins link to products in your store.

With InstaShop, Customers stay in your shop - focused on the purchase funnel.

Shows the InstaShop popup gallery view with two click to buy pins added
Shows an Instagram picture with an InstaShop Smart Pin being added.

Easy to manage

Adding pins is easy with InstaShop

Smart Pins allow you to start typing the name of the product. InstaShop will find the product picture, price and link to the product!

Add as many pins as you like. The more pins you add, the more products you link to.

>NEW! Product Galleries

*** Bring your product pages to life with amazing customer generated content ***

Product Galleries build on your main InstaShop gallery. InstaShop takes the Smart Pins you add to Instagram pictures. It then builds a unique gallery for each product. Without you having to do a thing!

See this shop owner's product page

Shows an Instagram picture with an InstaShop analytics.

NEW! Advanced Analytics

Business-level shop owners now have access to a rich tapestry of insights for each of their Instagram pictures.

See which pictures are performing best across your Instagram accounts. Use the insights to select the images that will convert the most sales!

Full List of Features

Advanced support - Video supported Setup and FAQ guides cover everything you need to know about InstaShop.

Free help - Need help adding your gallery to your shop? Have a question? Our team are here to help you.

Supports multiple Instagram accounts - Gather amazing pictures of your products from personal and professional accounts.

Add ‘click to buy’ pins to pictures; link to products in your store - Predictive typing connects your products directly to hotspots on your pictures. Supports external linking too.

Unlimited pins - Because no one likes limits.

Grid & Collage layout - Perfect for a full page ‘Shop Instagram’ feature.

Slider layout - Perfect when you want to integrate your Instagram feed on a page.

Carousel - Close up view of your pictures. Follows Instagram’s design. Includes the click to buy feature.

Moderate pictures - It’s easy to choose which pictures appear in your Instagram gallery.

Customisable ‘buy’ button - It’s your shop, you choose the call to action.

Instant update - Your customers will see new Instagram images as soon as you add them to your gallery.

Responsive design - Your InstaShop galleries look amazing on Desktop, phones and tablets

Standalone site - update InstaShop gallery from anywhere.

Custom CSS - Get the exact look and feel you want.

Analytics - See which pictures are performing the best

Product Galleries - Enhance product pages with customer generated pictures